Gym Rubber Bands

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Color: Yellow

Xi Fitness Band

The Fitness Band from Xint Gear is a practical tool for versatile training, an invaluable tool for both beginners and professionals!!

  • Dynamic training
  • Add load
  • Reduce load
  • Warming up and stretching
  • 100% rubber

Exercise bands have become increasingly common among home trainers and commercial gyms in recent years and it's easy to see why! They are portable, versatile, easy to use and efficient. In addition to reducing or adding load in traditional strength training exercises, the bands can also be used for warming up, rehab and stretching..

Progressive resistance

The rubber bands have a so-called progressive resistance, which means that the more they are stretched, the higher the load, and it is precisely this property that makes the bands so useful. Unlike regular free weights or machines, where the load is the same throughout the movement, rubber band training offers a dynamic resistance where it is lighter at the beginning of the movement (where you are weakest) and heavier at the end of the movement (where you are strongest) ..

5 different levels

To get a load adapted to your particular strength in different exercises, the bands are available in five different resistance levels. All bands have the same length (2080 mm) and thickness (4.5 mm) but vary in width.

Color Width Resistance
Yellow 6 mm 4.5 - 11 kg
RED 13 mm 11 - 22.5 kg
Black 22 mm 15.5 - 38.5 kg
Purple 32 mm 22.5 - 54.5 kg
Green 45 mm 29.5 - 79.5 kg


Examples of exercises

Stretching (back thighs)

Lie flat on your back and place one foot in the loop of the band. Grab it with both hands and gently pull towards you, trying to keep the leg as straight as possible.

Reduce load (chins)

Attach the strap to the chin rail and place both feet in the hanging loop. Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar, return to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Add load (squat)

Thread the band with each loop around each end of the barbell. Anchor the bands to the surface by attaching it to the platform or standing on it with both feet.

Bands Only (Triceps)

Attach the band around a high bar and grasp it with a neutral grip with both hands. Pull down in a controlled manner, trying to keep your elbows close to your body.

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